Mon identité

My age : 35 years
My native country : Eastern Europe
My hair : Dark
My eyes : Dark
My height : 162 cm
My weight : 54 kg

Mes infos

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My secrets :

Hi everyone, my name is Julianna. I'm happy to be with you. I'm an Oriental girl, and so mysterious, it would be great if you recognized me and revealed as a person. Oriental girls are modest, but they are given completely to their man, and if you treat me with care and kindness, then I will not be modest and share with you a piece of my beauty and soul. On this site, communicating with you, I open up, and my embarrassment sometimes leaves me. I hope that these are the people with whom I will be pleased to communicate at a distance. This is of interest to me. I hug my friends and see you with me!

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